Friday, March 12, 2010

-I recently had gone to l.a fell in love with the zara store in west Hollywood the neutral palates the quality it just felt so right I wish they had one in san diego mmm.. we will soon meet again zara this time will do some major spending 


JadeRose said...

My heart just broke into a thousand pieces. You always have such amazing photos/outfits on your blog but this one has well and truly stolen my (now broken) heart. Who would've thought a blazer tucked into leather shorts could have looked so utterly amazingggg. Love love love :))

HELI said...

thanks for stopping by <3

Rai Ts' said...

This outfit is amazing!I was searching for those shorts but I couldn't find them!Such a pity :(
Your blog is truly amazing!I'll follow you fore more fashion updates!
Follow me too if you are interested!