Monday, December 7, 2009


-altamira: Models Off Duty Dorothea Barth Jorgensen (left) and Amanda Norgaard (right) outside of Miu Miu.

I perfer
braids over side ponytails
large heels over wedge
tao over (diet) sodas
chaï tea over coffee
dresses,skirts over jeans,trousers
black opaque thights over coloured thights
cats over dogs
pea coats over almost any coat
 nail polish over chipped nail polish
cosmopolitan over any cocktail


Mila said...

oh wow,how cool!!!

Sherin said...

I love braids! Its such a cool hairstyle. I love these girl's hair!

la couquette mademoiselle HELI said...

i want to wear my hair like this for spring!!!

poor little rich girl said...

cute post ! their hair is SO long.....

only ones i disagree
soda over tao
coffee over tea